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Letting humans crowdsource a message to aliens can't possibly go wrong (Tomorrow Daily 182)

On today's show, Khail and Ashley cover a variety of future tech crowdfunding efforts, including an updated satellite time capsule for alien life forms, fabric made by 3D printing liquids onto metal molds, and a basic cell phone that can only make or receive calls.

We didn't get to do Back It or Hack It this week as a segment, so we decided to do an entire episode filled with future tech crowdfunding efforts. There are some really cool things going on, but as Khail would say, if you're a pessimist, you're probably thinking they might never happen.

One Earth Message is a project hoping to beam new data to NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, and they want you to help decide what gets sent up there. Don't forget that whatever's uploaded will be the information aliens have about our get creative with your submissions if they end up getting funded.

There's also a 3D printer called Electroloom that spins liquid into fabric, and its creators are hoping their machine will inspire you to become a beta tester of their product. The fabric itself looks pretty functional and easy to wear, particularly when compared to previous 3D-printed clothing efforts.

Lastly, we're chatting about Light Phone, which is a very simple phone the size of a credit card that only makes and receives calls. No longer will you be tempted by Candy Crush and that huge backlog of emails when you go on vacation, because Light Phone takes the place of your smartphone when you want to enjoy the world around you more than your smartphone. Good stuff.

Have a safe holiday weekend, if you're celebrating Memorial Day; we'll be back on Tuesday with a brand new show!

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182: Sending a message from 2015 to space aliens

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