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Let's explore a Dali painting using VR (Tomorrow Daily 304)

A virtual-reality exhibit featuring an interactive Dali painting, and a look at a drone with a special cage that makes it incredibly rugged.

We can't wait to get home today to try out "Dreams of Dali," a 360-degree video that allows visitors to walk around inside a meticulously crafted version of a Salvador Dali painting. It's a 5-minute-long experience, and considering it took developers 4 months to complete, we think it's worth your time.

Flyability's Gimball drone is designed with building inspection in mind, but the team took the Gimball to the Swiss Alps and flew it through a crevasse. Why, you might ask? Because of the drone's durability (a cage surrounding the craft absorbs impacts), it could be a prime candidate for search and rescue missions in places too dangerous or inaccessible for humans.

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304: Let's explore a Dali painting using VR (Tomorrow Daily)

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