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Let's build Lego: Star Wars Encounter on Jakku and Lego City airport

Round out the working week with two of the newest Lego sets -- the first packs Rey and BB-8, and the second is an airport terminal with a 18-inch Lego plane.

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It's the end of the working week, so grab a coffee and let's get stuck in to some plastic bricks, shall we? In the video above, I'm assembling one of the newest Lego City sets, the Airport Passenger Terminal, while below you'll get a blow-by-blow account as I construct the Lego Star Wars Encounter on Jakku, which renders characters from "The Force Awakens" in miniature brick form.

The star of the 694-piece airport set (which will set you back $100, £80 or AU$150) is an 18-inch (47 cm) jet. It might not hinge open quite as I'd have liked, but I can't find fault with the adorable landing gear, or the little Lego toilet lurking near the rear engines. The accompanying airport terminal is similarly chock-a-block with little details -- even if that revolving door must be violating several health and safety codes.

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Meanwhile, a long, long time ago on the desert planet of Jakku, Rey and BB-8 are on the run from two of "The Force Awakens" admittedly less famous characters. I really enjoyed building the scavenging Teedo and his bionic beast of burden, the Luggabeast, although I'm not sure blobfish-alike Unkar Plutt and his market stall are going to be high on many gift lists. I can't help but be charmed by the tiny Lego droid workshop and broom, though. Who knew Unkar was such a neat freak? Have a great weekend, CNETeers, and happy building.