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Let your old man navigate with Google Dad Directions

Google Dad Directions puts your father in your nav system in this parody video from comedy group Above Average.

Can't get enough of your old man? Now your pop can tell you corny jokes while he gets you to your destination with Google Dad Directions. At least, that's the gag in a parody video released Wednesday by comedy group Above Average.

In the clip, we see a couple get into their car ready for a night out as a familiar voice asks them where they're headed. Their car's navigation system has been replaced with Google Dad Directions, a service that features good old dad telling you how to reach your destination -- or not.

Google Dad Directions actually has a somewhat slick-looking interface, with a pixelated version of your father talking on right side, and touchscreen buttons on the left that make it easy to call your mother, hear dad's fishing stories and play music from dad's favorite band, The Doobie Brothers.

Of course, there's a scroll of dad jokes along the bottom of the screen, because what car trip is complete without knee-slapping comedic relief from your dad? Or a racially insensitive comment letting you know that "a China family lives over there now."

Will the couple ever make it to the restaurant? Find out by watching Google Dad Directions in action in the video above. Fortunately, Google Dad Directions isn't real, and you only have to get directions from your dad if he's actually in the car.

For now, you can let someone else's dad navigate via Google's Waze app. That dad -- Stephen Colbert -- might tell you a few dad jokes, but at least he won't try to get you to take a nonexistent shortcut.