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Let there be cheap light: $1 LED bulbs and $6.99 dimmable LEDs

From Home Deals: LED lightbulbs are more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and if you find the right deal, they are cheaper as well. We've found the best deals on LED lights.

The Nanoleaf Bloom, now on sale for $6.99

We thought that the Nanoleaf Bloom was a nifty idea, but too expensive when it first came out at $40. But for $6.99, this dimmable LED is a much smarter buy. That's what EarthLED is charging for this dimmable LED bulb, and you even get free shipping. The Nanoleaf Bloom is a great pick for home renters, as it is a 75-watt equivalent LED that can be dimmed without a dimmer switch. When you turn it on, the light slowly increases its brightness. Flick the standard light switch off and on again quickly, and the bulb locks into the current light level. Amazon and others charge $20 for this bulb, so $6.99 is a great deal. The site is also advertising a four-pack for $23.99 (just under $6 per bulb), but that's out of stock at the moment.

Save on LEDs with your local utility

If you are looking to go LED for lighting and save money, there is one place you might not think of to look: your local electricity utility company. They want you to use less power, so they often have great deals on low-power LED light bulbs. Customers of SCE&G in South Carolina, for instance, can get three name-brand LED light bulbs for $1 each. Spend over $15 and you get free shipping as well: sounds like a great way to take the whole house LED, as the offer includes standard, flame-tipped and spotlight bulbs. That's not a rebate: the LED bulbs are sold by Energy Federation, a company that works with many utilities.

Other LED deals

Meanwhile, LED light bulbs are still proving to be a big seller for the big retailers, which means big deals. Home Depot has a 4-pack of Philips 60W equivalent LED bulbs for $6.97, $3 off the usual price of about $10. That's about $1.75 per bulb. If you want to buy a lot of bulbs at once, Amazon has a 20% off coupon on a 16-pack of the same bulbs that brings the price down to $28.27 (about $1.75 per bulb) with free 1-day shipping for Amazon prime members.