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News.com's blog on homeland security tackles questions of technology and policy.

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Welcome to News.com's blog on homeland security technology and policy. This forum addresses the last of three important issues we analyzed this election year in a series called "Digital Agenda," so named because we have proposed steps toward possible solutions as well as provided comprehensive news coverage--a marked departure for News.com.

As with the other two subjects in this series--offshoring and broadband--homeland security is a massive topic with seemingly infinite angles. What we have tried to do with our three-day report, which goes live on the Web today, is begin a complex discussion that would benefit from as many opinions as possible, including yours.

So please post your thoughts on this blog or directly on the story pages to extend the dialog beyond the material in our series and address the many issues arising from the subject, from technology to privacy. You can still send e-mail directly to reporters, but we encourage all readers to share their thoughts publicly with others: The idea here is for you to drive the debate, not us.

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