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Let the wine tell you when it is ready

The Final Touch Wireless Electronic Wine Thermometer transmits temperature to a portable display. Allowing the owner to roam free, the accessory makes it easy to wait while the wine chills.

Wine on your time.
Wine on your time. Final Touch

There are few things as enjoyable as a good bottle of wine shared among friends. (A good bottle of wine shared with a particular friend might be one of them, but that still counts.) When served at the ideal temperature, wine has the potential to heat up or cool down the proceedings; it's one of wine's interesting characteristics that different varieties benefit from different serving temperatures. Whether a bottle of wine is meant to be shared in an intimate setting or at a rambunctious get-together, all wines do well served at a particular temperature.

However, serving a particular bottle of wine at a particular temperature requires patience. The temptation to just crack the bottle open or continually check on its progress can be hard to overcome. The Final Touch Wireless Electronic Wine Thermometer solves both problems. (Well, the second one at least.) Consisting of a base unit, a thermometer, and a portable wireless readout, the wine accessory is ideal for entertaining.

Transmitting the temperature directly to your location, the wine thermometer makes it easy to enjoy your company. With a range of up to 25 feet, the thermometer can transmit through a refrigerator door. The temperature probe is placed directly in the bottle, allowing for temperature readings of the wine itself, and not the bottle as many other thermometers do. The gadget comes with recommended settings, but just like the way you plan to enjoy the bottle of wine, those settings are adjustable.