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Let it be: Dentist wants to clone John Lennon from tooth DNA

Michael Zuk, a Canadian dentist, has already bought one of John Lennon's teeth. Next step: clone the rest.

Coming back to life? MyCreators61/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I'm going to give you a free hand. And a free set of teeth.

Whom would you like to bring back to life? Einstein? Beethoven? Genghis Khan?

For Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, there will be an answer: John Lennon.

Zuk, you see, has already bought one of the Beatle's teeth for $31,000. Now, his intention is to take that DNA and re-create the whole Lennon.


In a press release that bathes in instant karma, Zuk said: "I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon's DNA, very soon I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality."

The tooth already in Zuk's possession is rotten. But you know what they say: Love me, tooth.

Clearly, Zuk was spurred by the recent news that the same man who cloned Dolly the sheep, Sir Ian Wilmut, now believes he might turn his hand to creating a mammoth.

To have John Lennon again walking the Earth would surely be even more mammoth than a mammoth.

Or, as Zuk put it: "To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of Rock's greatest stars would be mind-blowing."

I wonder whether Lennon's mind would be blown if he could see the world now. Would he hang all day at the Ecuadorian embassy in London with Julian Assange? Would he have joined Occupy Wall Street?

Or would he smirk at social networks, and snort at how desolate life has become? Would he pick up his guitar and waft to a small island, where he would while away his time, penning songs about what once might have been?

Imagine there's no heaven...

I died and there isn't