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Les périodique et le lapin d'Interweb: Print goes online with RFID

Bonjour, gadget-loveurs. French magazine Amusement is the first to connect to the Internet -- via a robo-rabbit -- thanks to an embedded RFID tag. Ménage a trois!

Who said print was dead? French magazine Amusement has become the first ever periodical to connect to the Internet -- mag 2.0, n'est-ce pas?

Fortunately we are boeuf a la mode with the French lingo, so we can bring you the full story. Page two of the next issue of Amusement has a radio frequency identification, or RFID, tag baked in. Touching the tag to a mir:ror RFID scanner allows you to access a videogame designed by the artist Messhof, an interactive multi-user device by Digital Shadow, an interactive installation by art collective Factoid, a 3D video by Gkastere called The Tone, and wallpapers by Philippe Jarrigeon.

Each individual copy of the magazine also comes with its own email address and inbox, lord knows why. It only works with the RFID mir:ror system, which is developed by Violet, the people behind Nabaztag. Fromage frais, fromage frais.

This first example is rather gimmicky -- and très Français -- but as a proof of concept we like it. After all, everybody loves magazines: the glossy paper, the satisfying heft, the crisp photos, the interminable adverts... anyway. This seems a good way of adding richer content to the static medium of print. Imagine in the future when you buy a magazine, read an article, and simply wave it at your computer to get more background material, or see other articles on the same subject, or find out what idiot wrote it. Then when you're flicking through an old back issue, if you see an article and wonder whatever happened to that band or person or story, you'll be able to find out straight from the magazine. Mange tout!


The Webbed-up Issue 4 of Amusement goes on sale on 17 March at Paris specialty store Colette, and hits newsstands on 20 March around Europe. Bonnet de douche, mes petits Craveurs!