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Leopard getting buggier as time goes on?

This Leopard bugginess is starting to hurt my productivity, which is already at an all-time low.

Hesitant as I am to incite the world of Apple fanboys, I have to say that my Leopard install seems to be getting worse. Literally every application crashes whenever it feels the urge and applications like Photoshop have basically become useless. Matt Asay had been hassling me that I was the only one then he had to fly back from London with a dead battery when his MacBook Pro didn't go to sleep.

Yes, I have run all the updates and yes, I have fixed all the permissions. There is something really weird going on.

In the last 3 hours I have had the following problems:

  • Mail crash - 2x
  • Safari crash - 2x
  • Photoshop crash - 3x
  • Powerpoint crash-1x (I gave up)
  • Won't go to sleep (learned this one the hard way last nite)
  • Won't wake up from sleep (after I rebooted, I wanted to get the full-screen on my monitor, which means it has to go to sleep then wake up - except it wouldn't wake up)
  • Fan has been spinning all morning

Oh, and Webex crashes *every* time I launch a meeting.

I'm starting to become concerned that this is a hardware problem.