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Lensbaby adds macro converters to its creative optics lineup

If you like to shoot close-ups with dreamy results, you'll want to check these out.


The selective focus capabilities of Lensbaby lenses and optics are a perfect match for macro photography, allowing you to get a sweet spot in focus while blurring out distractions.

To get you even closer to your subject, Lensbaby has introduced a set of macro converters with one, 8mm converter and one, 16mm converter, which can also be stacked together to make a 24mm converter.

Depending on the lens body and optic combination you can focus anywhere from zero to 8.13 inches from your subject. Lensbaby has a full chart to see just how close you can get with its various optics with these adapters used separately or stacked.

Lensbaby already has a macro kit with +4 and +10 filters, but they're not compatible with the Fisheye and Sweet 35 optics. These new converters are, though, and they can be used with the macro kit, too, on other optics to increase their close-shooting capabilities.

The two converters are available now for $50.