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Lensbabies makes the jump to medium-format cameras

Lensbabies' selective-focus lenses now are available for Pentax and Mamiya medium-format cameras.

LAS VEGAS--Lensbabies, a manufacturer of lenses that focus selectively on small portions of an image, has made the jump to medium-format cameras.

Lensbabies' new lenses for medium-format cameras Lensbabies

The company's Lensbaby 3G model now is available for Pentax 67 and Mamiya 645 camera bodies, the company announced here at the Photo Marketing Association trade show. Medium-format cameras use film or an image sensor larger than with conventional SLR cameras for higher-quality images.

The three-year-old Portland, Ore.-based company announced the new $380 models at the Photo Marketing Association trade show here Wednesday. The 3G model for SLR cameras is a notch cheaper at $270 for the 3G, $150 for the 2.0 model and $96 for the original.

"We've been getting a lot of requests from studio photographers," said Chief Executive Sam Pardue, but the company couldn't release a medium-format version until the 3G model was available. Medium-format cameras need the newer model's adjusting screws for easy operation, he said.