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Lenovo's ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one aims at office

Lenovo announces new business-oriented ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one.

We mostly like the looks of Lenovo's new ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one desktop. The 21.5-inch display is surrounded by acres of bezel, and the foot-and-kickstand design always looks amateurish next to a pedestal support, but in all, this new all-in-one makes a suitably sleek impression given Lenovo's interest in putting the system in your office.

Lenovo's new ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one desktop.
Lenovo's new ThinkCentre Edge 91z all-in-one desktop. Lenovo

When it debuts in July, the ThinkCentre Edge 91z will start at $699, netting you a second-generation Intel Core i3 S-series low-power processor, 1GB of RAM, and other low-end specifications. Higher-end builds will scale up to a second-gen 2.8GHz Core i7 2600S CPUs, a discrete 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6650 graphics chip, and an 80GB solid-state drive. Lenovo even promises a Blu-ray drive option and HDMI output.

If you're wondering what makes this a business-oriented system, all models come with Lenovo's ThinkVantage software for system recovery and security. Lenovo also offers a variety of business software and support options. The system does not feature Intel's vPro business hardware management technology, which suggests that the ThinkCentre Edge 91z is most appropriate for small office or home office environments.