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Lenovo's Olympic laptop

First product with 'Cloud of Promise' torch design

Tracing Gadget

That didn't take long. Just yesterday, Lenovo hinted at a press conference that the "Cloud of Promise" design on its Olympic torch might be used on future computers. Now, only a day later, the first of them has appeared in the form of a laptop.

The "Xiang" notebook is reportedly the product of a partnership with gold medalist Liu Xiang, though not much else is known about it, including any specs. Coolest-Gadgets says it's just one of a line of products designed to promote Lenovo's partnership with the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, where various officials will use "more than 300 servers, 800 desktops and 70 notebooks" manufactured by the company. (Only 70 notebooks?)

There's no word about availability to the public, but if Lenovo issues any commemorative computers they'll undoubtedly become hot souvenirs, as Olympics memorabilia always are. But given that they'll be made in China, the provenance of any such collectors' items might warrant special scrutiny.