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Lenovo's flexible phone bends around your wrist

The CPlus features a segmented screen so it is able to go from handset to a wearable and back again.

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At Lenovo Tech World, Lenovo wowed people with two flexible devices. One is the CPlus, a long phone that has a flexible screen that allows you to bend the phone around your wrist. The other is the Folio tablet that can be bent in half to act as a phone. Lenovo also introduced the modular Motorola Moto Z and the Google Tango-enabled Phab2 Pro phone.

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Meanwhile, a Bloomberg report says that Larry Page is personally bankrolling two separate flying car companies. While Page may be a Google founder and CEO of Alphabet, this is a personal investment by Page, who wants to have an impact on the future of transportation.

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Lenovo's flexible phone bends around your wrist