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Lenovo's first Core 2 Duos aren't ThinkPads

Lenovo's first Core 2 Duos aren't ThinkPads

Lenovo has quietly added two Core 2 Duo laptops to its e-commerce site, and surprisingly, they aren't in the performance- and enterprise-oriented ThinkPad line. Instead, the Lenovo 3000 N100 is getting the goodies; the company's Web site currently lists both the 14.1-inch and the 15.4-inch models with an entry-level 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo T5500 processor. At this point, though, only the 15.4-inch version has pricing: $999 for a fixed configuration with 1GB of RAM; an 80GB, 5,400rpm hard drive; and integrated Intel graphics. That's only $10 more than a Core Duo version of the N100 with almost the same specs (the Core Duo version has Windows XP Pro and a CD burner, while the Core 2 Duo version runs on XP Home and includes a DVD burner).

Of course we now have to wonder: Can ThinkPads be far behind?