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Lenovo to add AMD chips to ThinkCentre PCs

Lenovo to add AMD chips to ThinkCentre PCs

What's an AMD processor to do? Intel's Core 2 Duo chips showed up looking for a fight, and AMD's Athlon chips turned, took cover, and waited for the company to slash their prices. Even after the price cuts earlier this week, some of which more than halved the cost of a chip, Intel is still safely in the lead. We've been impressed with the Core 2 Duo-based consumer desktops we've see thus far and would recommend such a PC to all manner of PC shoppers, from budget buyers to serious gamers.

Perhaps enterprise customers will take a different view, especially those that have enjoyed AMD's successful Opteron server chips. That's Lenovo's hope as it announced its first-ever AMD-based ThinkCentre desktop. eWeek reports that the ThinkCentre A60 will go on sale next month and will feature AMD's budget Sempron chips as well as the more powerful, dual-core Athlon 64 X2 CPUs. It can't claim to be the first Lenovo PC with an AMD chip; the company's budget-minded, small business-focused 3000 J105 desktops have featured AMD chips since their introduction this past spring.