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Lenovo replacing some problem batteries

Company acknowledged some ThinkPad model batteries are showing error messages, though not a safety risk, and it's offering replacements.

Lenovo's ThinkPad T61 is one of several notebooks known to have an error-prone battery. CNET

Lenovo on Friday said it will replace batteries on several of its ThinkPad laptops that show error messages.

Some users are reporting batteries are displaying error messages that read "Irreparable damage" or "Battery cannot be charged," and others are reporting their battery runs only for a very short time or experiences a sudden drop in its fuel gauge. It's known to occur on these ThinkPad models: T60, T61, R60, R61, X60, and X61.

Though it does not pose a safety risk, and it is not a product recall, Lenovo said, it will give those affected a replacement battery.