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Lenovo quietly adds a new holiday desktop

New Lenovo desktop is now on sale.

In addition to the new Lenovo laptop we found earlier, Lenovo also has a new desktop. Micro Center has the lower-end dual core versions ($589 and $789) of the new K100, and Office Depot has a full-fledged quad core model ($1,129). Highlights seem to include a dial for balancing processor speed with noise-level/power consumption, a TV tuner on the Office Depot model, and a one-touch back-up button, similar to that on the new HP Pavilion Elite.

The new Lenovo K100 (LCD not included) Lenovo

Aside from the TV tuner, the K100 has a home office bend to it, which means it doesn't come with the latest in 3D graphics cards and HD optical drives. Still, like past non-ThinkCentre Lenovo desktops we've looked at, the K100 isn't bad looking. If you put in a prominent location in your home, it wouldn't look entirely out of place.

Based purely on its spec sheet, we'd expect the K100 to fare well against the HP and the new Dell XPS 420, at least on performance. It doesn't come with wireless networking, and the total hard drive storage is less than those other systems, so the features comparison looks a little bleaker. If either store offers a discount on one of these systems, they might look a little better.