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Lenovo offers a trio of Duo ThinkPads

Lenovo offers a trio of Duo ThinkPads

Here at CES, we've had a chance to see three ThinkPads that are among the first wave of laptops to include the newest Intel mobile dual-core processors. Available in February, the thin-and-light ThinkPad T60 will replace the T43, the ultraportable X60 will replace the X32, and the X60s will replace the X41. All three models feature slight design enhancements and security features as well as the option for WWAN connectivity. The initial configuration of the T60 will cost $2,049, while the X60 is priced at $1,899 and the X60s will go for $1,499; lower-cost configurations will be available in the next month.

Lenovo ThinkPad T60