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Lenovo keeps the lid on its new IdeaCentre desktops, at least for now

Pics of three new Lenovo desktops

Lenovo kept the focus on its new IdeaPad laptops at the show, but it also introduced a new desktop line, albeit very quietly. The three IdeaCentre models depicted here will come out in Europe at first, and although a U.S. introduction is likely, specs, pricing, and which models will cross over are all still to be determined. The last time we reviewed a true Lenovo home desktop was in March of 2006, with the Lenovo 3000 J-Series. It appears that Lenovo has paid attention to desktop design trends in the meantime.

The IdeaCentre K200 has a media card reader among its various front-panel inputs. Lenovo
It's hard to tell much about the IdeaCentre Q200, other than it has a slick white-and-silver design. Lenovo
The Mini Q might be our favorite of the IdeaCentres, at least based on looks. Lenovo