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Lenovo joins the 49-inch monitor club at CES 2019

One for games, one for not-games, plus a 27-incher for really fast games.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Lenovo's two 49-inch monitors -- one for business and one for gaming -- are essentially identical with the exception of the stands and the prices.

It's a little late to the game to launch its first 49-inch monitors, but Lenovo adds some novelties for its market debut at CES 2019. The two models, the ThinkVision P44W and the Legion Y44W Gaming Monitor, are identical where it counts: the same panel, the same connections and the same neat features. 

They differ by the stands, a flashy v-shaped base that's typical of its ilk for the Legion gaming display and a boring, basic black one for the businessminded ThinkVision. Also the prices -- when they ship in April, the Legion will be $1,200; the ThinkVision, $1,300.

Lenovo's twists: a small connection hub in the front that pops down with a push to accommodate two USB-A devices and a headphone jack, and a removable speaker that's designed to encircle the base of the stand (shown in the top photo). The hub is especially convenient to pop down when you need to quickly copy some files from a USB drive.

Otherwise, their specs are the same. To wit:

ThinkVision P44W and Legion Y44W specs

Panel type WVA
Backlight type LED
Size (diagonal) 43.4
Curve radius 1800R
Resolution 3,840x1,200
Aspect ratio 32:10
Pixel pitch (mm) 0.31
Maximum gamut 99% sRGB
Typical brightness (nits) 450 peak
HDR DisplayHDR 400
Sync standard FreeSync 2
Maximum vertical refresh rate (at HD or higher resolution) 144Hz
Gray/gray response time (milliseconds) 4ms
HDMI 2 x 2.0
USB-C (out) Yes
USB-C (in) Yes
USB Type-A (out) 4 x USB 3.0
USB 3.0 (in) No
Thunderbolt No
DisplayPort 1 x 1.4, 1 x USB-C Alternate Mode
Speakers Yes (detachable)
Headphone jack Yes
Release date April 2019

Lenovo's esporting 27-inch monitor.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET  

The other notable monitor reveal is the Legion Y27gg, a 27-inch 2,560x1,440 G-Sync display with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.5ms pixel response time. It uses a TN panel, which is why it's so fast. Lenovo plans to ship it in April as well, for $1,000.

Connections include HDMI, DisplayPort, four USB-A and an audio combo jack. It also has that clever speaker surrounding the base.

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