Lenovo external hard drive responds to touch

A new concept hard drive from Lenovo shows its capacity when touched.

Touching Lenovo's new concept external hard drive shows its capacity. DesignLaunches.com

I reviewed the WD My Passport external hard drive recently and thought it was really cool with the storage gauge that lights up when plugged in to show how much storage space has been used. Lenovo has gone one step further with an external hard drive concept that can reveal the same information without even being plugged in.

The concept external hard drive features a finger-touch access button, much like a biometric reader, and an external display. Once you touch the button, the display will show the remaining storage space in the form of simple digits.

It's unclear how this works but I would assume that the drive must have a battery of its own that recharges when the hard drive is plugged in.

While this seems rather unnecessary feature to some, it's actually very nice to know how much space left on the media. Personally, I've run into many cases where I ended up having to re-copy a huge amount of data just because the free space ran out before the copying process was done.

(Via DesignLaunches.com)

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