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Lenovo D221: Cheapo 22-inch monitor

Hold the front page: Lenovo has just announced a 22-inch widescreen monitor for little more than pennies

In a fit of generosity that could rival the charity of Father Christmas himself, Lenovo has just announced a 22-inch widescreen monitor for a piddly ¥52,000 (€350/£237). It's presently only confirmed for Japan, but if it reaches the UK with its price-tag still intact, it'll eclipse Dell's £272 20-inch E207 for price and size.

The D221 is said to have a 1,680x1,050-pixel WSXGA+ resolution, a rather high 700:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness and 5ms response time. It also has twin DVI ports to compensate for a lack of HDMI. Sounds pretty spiffing we think you'll agree. A quick glance of's price comparison will tell you that, generally, 22-inch monitors start in the £300 region, with many soaring much higher.

The D221 is set to reach Japanese shores in early December. We're keeping our fingers, toes and other assorted appendages crossed in fervent anticipation, but don't be surprised if Lenovo hikes the price when it realises just how much people will want this thing. Let's not forget Dell's so-called £155 E207 ended up costing £272 by the time it reached Blighty. -RR