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3 must-see Lenovo devices you can't buy yet

Promising concept devices give us a glimpse at a foldable and bendable tech future.

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Lenovo has a few ideas about how the future should look: phones that wrap around your wrist like a slap bracelet, light-up shoes that track your calories and modular phones accessories so brilliant they're worth $1 million.

In addition to announcing the first phone with Project Tango (from now on just known as 'Tango') and brand new Motorola phones, Lenovo debuted some promising concept devices at its annual Tech World Conference and CNET was able to get its hands on some of them.

Phones that flex

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Before you get too excited, these bendable phones aren't as flexible as rubber bands. However, they're still impressive. The Folio is the biggest model and can open and close like a book. When open it looks like a tablet, and when closed it looks like a big dumb phone. The other model, the C Plus, is long, slim and meant to be worn like a bracelet. After it bends around your wrist, the interface changes to a simpler one that works better as a watch and fitness tracker.

The prototype I tried on (as a "men's size" it was too big for my small wrists) had an OLED-based display and plastic design. The most impressive quality, the flexible display, is only one part of this futuristic device; it needs internal components that can also bend. Those don't really exist yet, so don't expect to see the Folio and C Plus in stores any time soon.

Smart shoes

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Lenovo has partnered with Vibram (the company that popularized shoes with toes) to bring you the Yaoat F smart shoes. Teased at the conference last year, the monochrome sneakers (they come in red or white) track steps, count calories burned and charge wirelessly. The soles light up when they sense movement and the insoles are 100 percent customized by 3D scanning. Aesthetically, I'd say they're somewhere between Nike Air Yeezy Red October and the Curry Two Low.

Modular's popular

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Are modular phones the next big thing? I don't know. What I do know is that these are some pretty cool modular accessories that are -- best of all -- on sale soon. The Moto Mod accessories for the Motorola Z and Z Force include a speaker, projector and super-charged battery case. A camera mod and smartcast virtual keyboard were both hinted as ideas for possible future mods.

Did you just think of a great idea for a modular accessory? Lenovo is hoping so. It's launching a contest with a $1 million cash prize to motivate engineers as well as developers to work together and invent a mod so great and amazing, the Motorola Z will be telling the iPhone to delete its account.