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Lenovo bids an early adieu to IBM brand

Chinese PC manufacturer will make its way without the logo it licensed after it bought IBM's PC business two years ago.

If you haven't already, say goodbye to that little IBM sticker on your ThinkPad.

Turns out, Lenovo doesn't need the reputable computer brand to sell its notebooks and desktops anymore. Lenovo Chief Executive Bill Amelio said as much following the company's most recent earnings results, which was noted by E-Channel Line.

ThinkPad logo
Now you see it, soon you won't: The IBM logo like the one on this ThinkPad will be no more. Lenovo

"By making substantial progress on all of our critical priorities over the past few quarters, we're now a stronger, healthier company," Amelio said. "One important sign of this progress is our decision to completely transition our Think products from the IBM brand to the Lenovo brand two years earlier than planned." Previously there had been a deal made that allowed Lenovo to use the IBM logo on ThinkPads and some desktops for several years. The Chinese PC maker purchased IBM's computer business in 2005 for $1.75 billion.

Lenovo is currently dueling with Taiwan's Acer for the mantle of third-largest PC vendor in the world. Both are trying to build brand-name recognition globally, but also here in the U.S.

Lenovo tripled its earnings in the most recent quarter to $105.26 million.