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Lenovo announces Netbook with Splashtop instant-on technology

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e will feature Splashtop instant-on technology.

DeviceVM, Inc.

Lenovo will soon release a second version of its IdeaPad S10 Netbook, which it will sell to schools. The IdeaPad S10e will be sold through Lenovo's Government & Education channel and is scheduled to start shipping on November 25. When it does, it will be the first Netbook to feature instant-on software that will let you access various apps without first booting to Windows.

The S10e will feature DeviceVM's Splashtop app, which Asus offers on some of its laptops (but, curiously, not on any of its Eee PC Netbooks). Lenovo dubs Splashtop QuickStart for its Netbook and will offer the app on models that feature Windows and a spinning hard drive. (Presumably, your boot times will be so quick with Linux/SSD models that you won't need it.) Quick Start grants you access to e-mail, Web browser, IM, Skype, and your photos and music.

The IdeaPad S10e will feature an Intel Atom processor, a 80GB hard drive or 4GB SSD, and either Windows XP Home or Novell's Suse Linux , and either a 3- or a 6-cell battery. You won't find an SSD or 6-cell battery offered on the S10 right now. The S10e will be available in only one color--dark gray (the S10 is currently available in white, black, and red).

Lenovo told me that it will be bringing QuickStart to its regular IdeaPad S10, too.