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Lenovo aims low in its first U.S. systems

Lenovo aims low in its first U.S. systems

Today Lenovo (more commonly known as the company that bought IBM's PC business last year) announced the Lenovo 3000 line of laptops and desktops, with budget configurations and price tags intended to infiltrate the small business segment. You won't find fancy dual-core CPUs, wide-screen LCDs, or other high-end features in these systems, but you will find prices that start at $599 for laptops and $349 (without monitor) for desktops.

That's inexpensive, but is it cheap? We're especially anxious to start benchmarking these systems to see how their performance stacks up against other budget offerings'. Meanwhile, read our First Takes to find out more about the first Lenovo 3000 models: the C100 notebook and the J100 and J105 desktops.