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Lenovo adds swivel and touch to its next-gen Atom Netbook

Adding multitouch, Dolby sound and a swiveling screen to its S10-3 next-generation Atom Netbook, Lenovo has changed a lot since the S10-2.


Lenovo is having a field day this CES with reinventing portable devices. As if smartbooks and hybrid tablet/notebooks weren't enough, the newly-announced IdeaPad S10-3t sounds even more enticing to purchase.

While many swivel-screen Netbooks have shown more promise than actual performance, the details here are eye-catching. New Atom processors up to the Atom N470 and a 10.1-inch screen are accompanied by up to a 320GB hard drive and a four- or eight-cell battery.

The "Natural Touch" panel is multitouch and, to our excitement, capacitive like an iPhone's, avoiding the awkward world of pressure-based resistive displays used in stylus-based touchscreens. The Dolby sound and hi-def screen suggest the S10-3t could be a decent media machine as well, especially when folded over into a very commuting-friendly form. 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, and WiMax are supported. 2 USB ports, VGA-out, and a multi-format carder round out the features.

At a starting price of $499, the S10-3t isn't cheap--but it could be an excellent set of features for the money. We like the design a lot more than the S10-2, but its actual in-hand ergonomics will be interesting to see in person.