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Lenovo adds color to IdeaPads

Lenovo's Centrino 2 update included new IdeaPad models, several in new colors.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y730
Look, Ma--orange! Lenovo

In addition to freshening up its ThinkPad offerings, Lenovo used Monday's Centrino 2 launch to add four colorful models to its consumer IdeaPad line. Two of the new systems--the 13.3-inch IdeaPad U330 and the 14.1-inch IdeaPad Y430--are all-new form factors; the remaining two--the 15.4-inch IdeaPad Y530 and 17.1-inch IdeaPad Y730--are new iterations of previous IdeaPad models.

Building on the success of the gorgeous IdeaPad U110, the new IdeaPad U330 offers a slightly larger screen in a package that still weighs a reasonable 4 pounds and measures less than an inch thick. Unlike its smaller sibling, the IdeaPad U330 can accommodate an optional built-in DVD burner and comes equipped with HDMI. It also includes switchable graphics, which lets you switch between integrated graphics (to conserve battery life) or discrete graphics (for more powerful performance). It's available in two new case colors: indigo blue or black.

The 14.1-inch IdeaPad Y430 and 15.4-inch Y530 look poised to be a pretty typical midsize offerings, with Penryn processors, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and built-in DVD burners. The Y430, which is available in black and red case colors, earns the Centrino 2 sticker with integrated Intel graphics; the Y530, available in black, includes a discrete card from Nvidia.

The desktop-replacement IdeaPad Y730 is notable for its massive hard drive space (up to two 320 GB hot-swappable hard drives); glossy, 17.1-inch WUXGA display; and discrete ATI graphics. The Y730 comes in two flavors: the entertainment-oriented model comes in a black case, while the gaming-oriented model--which adds a second display and Game Zone controls--comes in an orange case.

Pricing has yet to be set for these colorful new IdeaPads, which will be available this fall.