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Leica updates M Monochrom for film noir

After three years, Leica gives its black-and-white-only model HD recording capability.


It was three years ago this May when Leica boldly introduced a black-and-white-only version of its M series full-frame rangefinder that's garnered the usual Leica fans. Now the company follows up with the M Monochrom (Typ 426), essentially the identical camera but with an expanded buffer and the capability to shoot video and a few other tweaks.

Slated to cost $7450 (£5,750) -- less than its predecessor cost at launch -- the new M Monochrom can shoot 1080/24p, 25p video and takes an optional kit with an adapter and stereo mic. Leica really doesn't provide any information on the video beyond that.

Other tweaks include a bigger buffer for less waiting and a hardier, antiglare-coated glass cover for the LCD.

Movie capability is a nice feature to have if you were planning on buying the camera, and it will be interesting to see if the tonal range lives up to its promise in movie capture.

The camera is slated to ship in May.