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Leica goes medium format with its new DSLR

Leica has announced a new medium-format digital SLR camera and lens system.


Leica has announced a new medium-format DSLR camera and lens system, the Leica S2. The S2 uses Kodak's 37.5MP CCD sensor with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The sensor measures 30x45mm--56 percent larger than a 35mm full-frame sensor, which measures 27x36mm, and smaller than the 36x48mm sensor found in some other medium-format digital backs.

The S2's body is dust and moisture sealed, with Leica's new S-system bayonet lens mount, for the new line of S series lenses. The new line of lenses will feature metal construction and weatherproofing. The S2 body will have a focal-plane shutter and certain lenses will have integrated leaf shutters to allow for the faster flash-sync speeds.

Leica has not announced pricing or availability at this time, although it has been suggested that it will sell for around $30,000.