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Legoleg: Woman builds self a prosthetic leg from Legos

An occupational therapist and amputee puts the "leg" in "Lego" by building herself a Lego prosthetic leg.

The Legoleg
This may be the most colorful prosthetic leg ever created. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Christina Stephens has been chronicling her journey from a foot crush injury through amputation and adapting to a prosthetic leg on her Facebook page, Amputee OT. While her standard prosthetic leg is custom made and fitted to her, she's also willing to experiment a bit, as shown by her Legoleg, a prosthetic leg crafted from Legos.

Stephens, an occupational therapist and clinical researcher, got the idea from a research lab co-worker, who joked she should make a leg from Legos. Most people would have laughed and left it there. Stephens laughed and went home to make it happen.

It all started with a plastic tub full of Lego bricks. Stephens created a making-of video showing how she pieced the multicolor toys together to fit over her leg. The weak point in the plan was the tendency for the ankle and foot part to snap off, but all it takes is a click to put it back together.

Ever a professional, Stephens doesn't recommend that people try this for themselves. She doesn't want them to fall and get hurt.

With her Legoleg in place, she should be free to stomp with abandon on as many Lego pieces as she likes, while the rest of us cower in fear from the thought of getting those pointy little bricks jammed up into our tender feet.

(Via The Mary Sue)