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Lego 'Tron Legacy' set lets you build neon light cycle battles

Don't get derezzed, assemble your own piece of the "Tron" grid instead.


You can assemble the "Tron: Legacy" light cycle battle, which looks neon as heck.


Rev up your light cycle, Lego's "Tron: Legacy" set is here.

The new set, announced Thursday, lets you you build your own light cycle battles and recreate Identity Disc fights, all in Tron's familiar neon colors.

Based on the 2010 Disney film, the set includes two light cycles and minifigures for Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler. The cycles race on a divisible Tron grid, which lets you place them side-by-side or send them chasing each other. All three minifigures come with Identity Discs, which you can attach to the back of each character, and Quorra has her sword.

The Lego version of Sam Flynn, played by Garrett Hedlund in the film, comes with a Identity Disc.


The set was put into production after the BrickBros UK group submitted a proposal to Lego Ideas, a website where fans can post and vote on ideas for future Lego sets. The group first submitted the idea in 2015, it earned 10,000 supporters by April 2017 (the threshold Lego sets to send an idea to a formal review process) and was approved for production in November. This set will include a booklet about BrickBros along with more information about the movie.

The Lego "Tron: Legacy" set releases on March 31 and will cost $35, which roughly converts to £25 or AU$45.

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