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This Lego stop-motion film is the real breakfast of champions

Lego: It's what's for breakfast. Smartly made video shows morning meal prep where Lego bricks replace everything edible.

Would you like a side of plastic with that meal? The description for "Lego In Real Life (Stop Motion)" offers a mild tease: "...a boy makes his breakfast using some unusual ingredients." The clever video short imagines a breakfast cooked up from Lego pieces. It comes from BrickBrosProductions, a YouTube channel dedicated to unboxings and original Lego films. 

The video follows a morning breakfast preparation with eggs and toast, but all real food items are replaced with lookalike Lego equivalents. The butter is a stack of yellow bricks. The eggs crack open to reveal Lego egg whites and yolks. 

The video, which was released on Friday, lasts for a delightful two minutes as Lego breakfast is cooked and served. 

It took BrickBrosProductions three days of filming and 1,500 individual pictures to create the stop-motion film. It might not make you hungry, but it's both impressive and fun to watch.