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Lego shuttle boldly heads to the stratosphere

While the American space shuttle program may never be the same, it continues to inspire a space race among Legonauts and their vehicles.

"Mission Control, this is Lego Space Shuttle 3367. How do we land this thing?" Lego

One Romanian man's tribute to the end of the space shuttle era may leave you slightly misty-eyed.

His YouTube video, complete with a soul-searching ballad, shows off a Lego space shuttle reaching the stratosphere last December with the help of a 56-ounce helium-filled meteorological balloon, GoPro Hero, and a Spot GPS device. Keep an eye out for the epic frost buildup on the shuttle nose during the 114,829-foot ascent.

Perhaps truly inspiring about this video is that the fellow (known on YouTube as vinciverse) could not launch the toy shuttle from home.

Supposedly, his native country would not give him clearance to launch, but German air traffic control authorities opened their hearts--and skies--to the endeavor.

(Via Universe Today)