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Lego suffers post-Brexit price hike, or everything's not awesome

The maker of plastic bricks and childhood fantasies follows in the footsteps of Apple and other companies raising prices in the UK.


It'll cost what in quid? Cor blimey, you must be having a giraffe!

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Brexit has sparked a "Brixit" crisis in the UK as the plunging pound pushes Lego to raise prices.

Play sets, bricks and minifigures all will see a price increase of 5 percent in January, the Guardian reported Wednesday.

The popular toys are the latest victims of the British currency's poor performance in the wake of the European referendum in June. A whole bunch of tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, HTC and OnePlus have also lifted product prices to counteract the fallout from the decline of the pound.

The price hike was first put forward in a letter from Lego to retailers circulated by Lego UK and Ireland's general manager and vice president Fiona Wright. Wright also warned that the toymaker may be forced to increase prices again at some point if the situation in the UK did not improve.

Lego confirmed the 5 percent rise to the Guardian in a statement. "As communicated to our retailers, The Lego Group will raise prices in the UK, due to currency fluctuations," a company spokesperson said. The company did not respond to CNET's request for further comment.

It will be up to retailers whether they absorb these costs or choose to pass the price rise on to their customers. For the individual minifigures priced around £2.50 the price rise will only be a few pence, but for big-ticket items such as the Death Star, currently priced at £400, the cost could increase by £20.

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