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Become a Lego person with this DIY cardboard costume

Feeling ambitious this Halloween? Go for brick with this Lego minifig costume how-to video.

Halloween is one day a year when you can become almost anything you want to be, including a small, plastic, vaguely humanoid toy. A how-to video released on Sunday takes us inside the process of creating a massive Lego minifig costume out of cardboard. 

DIY Lego minifigure costumes aren't new. There have been quite a few videos and tutorials over the years. What makes this one stand out is the high level of craft involved and the completeness of the look. 

The video comes from YouTube channel The Q, which has an obsession with building things out of cardboard, including a combination-lock safe and a working gumball machine

While the video shows quite a bit of the build process, this would still be a challenging project to do at home without templates or a step-by-step tutorial. You will need a lot of cardboard, a ton of hot glue and some rigorous design skills. 

The finished costume looks spectacular, but it may not be the best choice for a trick-or-treating expedition since both sight and movement seem to be pretty limited. But it's perfect if you just want to stand around at a party and sing "Everything is Awesome."