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Lego Mini Cooper set to drive into stores in August

On the heels of its VW Camper Van set, Lego is releasing a $100 Mini Cooper set, featuring 1,077 pieces.

Lego's new Mini Cooper set Lego

If there's one company that tries to touch as many areas as possible of popular culture, it's Lego. And with its new Mini Cooper set, the toy giant has done it again.

This August, Lego will release the Mini Cooper Mk VII set, 1,077 pieces of classic green-and-white miniature car (in both the Lego and real-world sense) goodness.

Expected to be priced at $100, the set follows on another of Lego's dives into car culture -- its VW Camper Van.

The Lego Mini Cooper has white wing mirrors and racing stripes, and features doors, a hood, and a trunk that all open. Plus, it's got a removable roof for good old-fashioned convertible driving.

And what good is a convertible without being able to go out for a picnic? Lego thinks it's no good at all. That's why the set also comes with a little red-and-white checkered picnic blanket and picnic basket.

Under the car's hood is its engine, and there's even a spare-tire compartment.