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Pay what you want for this Lego Humble Book Bundle

Name your price for books that give tips on building holiday ornaments, vehicles, spaceships, robots and other brick-tastic creations.

Find challenging projects in these Lego books available in the latest Humble Bundle.

No Starch Press

Need some Lego inspiration? This Lego Humble Book Bundle from No Starch Press will teach you how to build modern skyscrapers, working robots and stunning pieces of artwork from the toy bricks.

Humble Bundles let you name your price for games and publications, with some proceeds typically going to support charity. In this case, they'll go to organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world.

If you pay $1 (about 80 pence, AU$1.33) or more, you'll get "The Lego Adventure Book, Volume 1," "Medieval Lego," "The Lego Build-It Book, Volume 1" and "Beautiful Lego."

For $8 (about £6 or AU$11) or more, you'll get that plus "The Lego Build-It Book, Vol.2: More Amazing Vehicles," "The Cult of Lego," "Lego Space," "The Lego Technic Idea Book: Fantastic Contraptions," "Incredible Technic" and "Forbidden Lego."

For $15 (about £12 or AU$19) or more, you'll get "The Lego Architect," "The Lego Christmas Ornaments Book," "The Lego Mindstorms EV3 Discovery Book," "The Lego Power Functions Idea Book, Vol.1: Machines and Mechanisms," "The Lego Neighborhood Book" and "Steampunk Lego."

All these books would usually cost up to $323 (about £260 or AU$419). The books are available in multiple digital formats.

Plus, you get to decide where the money goes. This Humble Book Bundle ends on November 23.