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Lego goes retro with 2,079-piece classic typewriter set

It include working keys and a moving carriage.

For Lego fans tired of building Star Wars sets.

For Lego fans tired of building Star Wars sets.


Lego's new construction set isn't based on a TV show, like the Friends' apartment set, or on a real-life building, like the Colosseum set. It's instead based on the real typewriter of company founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. 

The 2,079-block set comes out July 1 for $200 and once built works like an actual typewriter, though without the ink. An internal carriage moves as the letters are struck, and it can even take a piece of paper in its rollers. A fabric red and black spool is a first for Lego and completes the vintage typewriter look. 

Lego recommends the typewriter for builders age 18 and over. Lego VIPs can purchase the set on June 16; everyone else will have to wait till July 1.