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Lego finally releases a female-scientist minifig

A new minifig blazes a new trail for females in Legoland by being the first woman figure with "scientist" as a career.

Lego Scientist
This minifig is no blockhead. Lego

The Lego scientist boy's club has just been invaded by a new minifig. She's got glasses, a lab coat, two Erlenmeyer flasks, and a reputation for brilliance.

The minifig is simply named "Scientist," but her name tag reads "Professor C. Bodin." As far as toys with fictional careers go, she is quite accomplished. Lego's description notes, "She won the coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/DUPLO Interface!"

The minifig is also notable for a distinct lack of the color pink, though she is sporting a purple shirt under her lab coat along with a matching purple pen tucked into her pocket.

You could debate whether this is Lego's first real lady-scientist. Maia Weinstock at Scientific American points out earlier releases of a female zookeeper, a female astronaut, and a few generic scientist characters that had no specific scientific trappings. The new minifig, however, is unmistakably a scientist.

Lego released its Series 11 minifigs in anonymous "mystery" packaging. You'll need to either buy randomly and hope to find the Scientist, or do as Weinstock did and feel for the flasks hidden inside.

(Via The Mary Sue)