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Lego celebricks 4th of July with colossal American flag

O say can you see these thousands of patriotic plastic pieces.

A lot of plastic bricks went into this star-spangled banner.

The Lego Group

Sometimes it takes a village to build a giant Lego sculpture. 

The Lego Group got into the festive spirit ahead of the 4th of July holiday by inviting visitors to the National Mall in Washington DC over the weekend to help make a gigantic American flag using the iconic plastic bricks. The base of the flag consisted of 2,800 Lego plates in red, white and blue.

The flag came about in partnership with the Trust for the National Mall and covered a 16x31 foot area on the Lincoln Memorial Plaza. The Lego Group doesn't know exactly how many bricks went into the flag since visitors were able to freely add to the sculpture, building it up from the ground. 

Lego released a time-lapse video showing the flag's construction and evolution. The flag was part of the Lego Americana Roadshow, a traveling exhibition of large-scale Lego replicas of landmark buildings, including the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

Last year, we saw an epic build of a Lego version of the Statue of Liberty that used over 25,000 bricks and would make for a great companion piece to the plastic flag.