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Lego Bonsai Tree Kit and a mod to light up your desk are on sale today

You can score a fun Lego kit and a third-party treat to give it extra cool effects over at Amazon right now.

lego bonsai tree

For the right person, few things are more relaxing than completing a Lego kit. That's one of the reasons the Botanical Collection is so popular, you can make something fun and it looks nice enough to live on your desk at the office. Like the architecture series from Lego, these kits can frequently be a little on the pricey side and do not often go on sale. Seeing this kit on Amazon for $10 off its usual price was a treat in and of itself, but there's a special lighting kit made for the Bonsai Tree build that is also on sale, and together they're a great project. 

The 878-piece Lego Bonsai kit should keep you busy for a couple of hours, but for an extra $26 you can get the LED kit for lighting up all of the tree tips after the build is finished. There's a $5 coupon code on the Amazon page to hit this price, and when you have both kits ready to build you'll be able to put together a unique little tree for your office in a matter of hours.