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Lego 'Back to the Future' Delorean on sale soon

It's about time! The Lego version of Doc Brown's time-traveling Delorean gets an official price and release date, and fortunately, you won't have to wait till 2015.

Click on this image to see all three versions of the Delorean that someone can build with this set. Lego

Great Scott! The Lego "Back to the Future" time machine officially goes on sale on August 1.

The 401-piece set, which goes for for $34.99, includes a brick version of the highly modified Delorean seen zipping around in the movie trilogy, and it's full of little details that will surely satisfy Lego enthusiasts.

Wondering why the first section doesn't reference 1955? Lego threw in a little Easter egg here, as the famous toy brick was patented on January 28, 1958. Lego

Aside from the inclusion of fantastic minifigure versions of Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown (complete with two expressions), the Delorean package features a Flux Capacitor, Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and a time display tile so you know what century your imagination is visiting. There's also an "Outatime" and futuristic bar code license plates as well as other pieces that let you can alter the look of the Delorean to match certain time periods seen in the movies.

Oddly, it appears there's a typo on one of the Lego pieces included with the "Back to the Future" package. Printed text on the Flux Capacitor says "Sheild eyes from light" instead of "Shield eyes from light." Lego acknowledged the mistake and says they're "investigating the best way to resolve the error," but it seems like the set will ship with the wrong text on that piece.

Classic California cool. Lego

The "Back to the Future" Lego set came to fruition after Masashi Togami and Sakuretsu submitted the project to Lego's Web site Cuusoo -- a Kickstarter-esque portal that enables Lego fans to vote on proposed sets.

If a submission gets more than 10,000 votes, a Lego jury considers the proposal and gives it the green (or red) light for official production. As you can see in this full review of the new "Back to the Future" Lego kit, Togami and Sakuretsu's original submission differs from the final product.

Would you buy this set for $34.99? Lego