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Lego AR lets Batman come to life with iOS 12 at WWDC

Apple showed off a demo of a Lego Augmented Reality video game you can play with friends.


Batman's latest trick is coming to life on your kitchen table. 

At Apple's WWDC, the company showed off a cool new use of Augmented Reality -- a Lego game you can play with friends.

It looks like you'll be able to drag and drop buildings and characters onto a table, and a friend will be able to see what you're doing and play along. Lego Batman even made an appearance during the demo. 

Supposedly, this game and much more Lego AR content is coming to Apple's newest mobile software iOS 12. This looks like a great application of creative and fun AR, and hopefully the interactivity also allows for folks to create their own Lego structures as well. 

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