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Newest X-Men entry 'Legion' is a...brainscrambler

And it looks like the show based on the Marvel Comics character might rock our world.

"Legion" isn't exactly an open book. We got an announcement, then news of an eight-episode order with a sprinkling of info. Even this new trailer doesn't answer half the questions we have.

What it does do, however, is get me stoked for what's to come from the FX network show based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It's not that I can't describe what's happening to you. I mean, I can try:

The show stars Dan Stevens ("Downton Abbey"), Aubrey Plaza ("Parks & Rec"), Jean Smart ("Fargo"), Rachel Keller ("Fargo") and Katie Aselton ("The League"). Stevens plays David Haller, a man who thinks he's mentally ill -- "but he may be the most powerful mutant we've ever seen," says a voiceover.

In one background story, Haller was the son of Professor Charles Xavier, with a large range of mutant abilities. It seems like the show may follow a similar path -- in terms of abilities, that is (fingers crossed for a Patrick Stewart cameo though!).

Then there's some crazy gravity-flipping shots, a Bollywood sequence and then some techno music breakdown cuts. It's awesome, but my brain now feels like mush. The good kind!

What we do know? "Legion" will be the second Marvel show on cable (the first being "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."), but the only one outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the air. It's currently set to premiere in early 2017 on FX.