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Chinese tech company LeEco will make US debut in three months

LeEco has been setting up shop in Silicon Valley and is soon ready for a big product launch.

Jia Yueting introducing a new handset in Beijing this April.

VCG/Getty Images

After finding success in China and breaking out to India, the tech and media company LeEco now has its sights set on North America and the US.

The company will officially debut in three months, according to a leaked internal memo written by LeEco CEO Jia Yueting.

"We will disrupt traditional industries... and create new value for users in North America and worldwide," wrote Jia. "[LeEco] will challenge the status quo and many industry giants and beloved brands in the process including Apple, Amazon and Tesla."

LeEco also confirmed to CNET that it plans to launch an ecosystem of products and media content "in time for the holidays."

Though it started out as China's largest video streaming site, and is often known as the "Netflix of China," LeEco has its hands in many industries, including phones, TV and cars. There have been rumblings of LeEco launching in the US since last year, and it already set up an office in Redwood, California.

Earlier this spring, LeEco showed off a concept car and announced a partnership with Aston Martin to build an electric car. The company, which went by LeTV last year, was also one of the earliest to make phones that featured the Snapdragon 820 processor (the terribly named LeTV Le Max Pro) and a USB Type-C port (the even more terribly named Le 1 Pro Superphone).

However, LeEco faces an uphill battle. Despite a large war chest (the company has a market capitalization of $14.6 billion, according to Forbes) it will not only face tech giants including Apple, Google and Samsung, but also other Chinese companies with equal ambitions in the US like Xiaomi and OnePlus.