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Led Zeppelin landmarks on Google Maps

Zeppelin fans can now discover the real-world locations of many of the band's most famous (and imfamous) moments

When old rockers go digital, they go all the way. Led Zeppelin was one of the longtime holdouts from iTunes and other digital music stores, but in 2007 they relented and released a greatest-hits collection, Mothership, simultaneously online and on CD. (A good business move: the physical album charted charted at #7, but the digital album came in at #2.) Since the album's Nov. 13 release, the band has also launched a new Web site, the coolest feature of which is a timeline with the setlist of every single Zeppelin concert. This Seattle show looks particularly astounding, with about twice as many songs as their typical concert.

Screenshot of Led Zep location on Google Maps
Giants Causeway, located on the northern coast of Ireland, was the setting for Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy album cover. Screenshot

Now, fans who always wondered where the cover to Houses of the Holy was shot can find out. Somebody--presumably with the band, or perhaps just a huge fan--has posted a custom list of Led Zeppelin landmarks on Google Maps. Seattle once again makes the list, in this case for an incident that reportedly took place at the Edgewater hotel, which is still there and much swankier than when the band stayed there in the early 1970s.