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LED cloud sculpture storms for social-media mentions

The RPA ad agency keeps tracks of its clients' social-media activity through a storming LED cloud that glows from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

Listening Cloud
Now, we just need a social media umbrella. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

Art and commerce have intersected once again in the office for the RPA ad agency. The Listening Cloud is a fluffy cumulus sculpture with LEDs embedded inside. When social-media mentions start to heat up for the ad agency's clients, the cloud storms with colorful, glowing lights.

The sculpture uses feeds from Instagram (purple lights), Twitter (blue lights), and Facebook (red lights). It can be set for a particular client, like Honda. If a post on Facebook suddenly gets an avalanche of "likes," the cloud starts flashing with red lights. It's a quick hint for the ad agency to check out what's going on and monitor the impact of new marketing campaigns.

The agency has the cloud set up for several big clients, but it can also be set to "Justin Bieber" when employees need a break from work and just want to monitor something more absurd for a time.

In case you want to make your own Listening Cloud, you can check out RPA's making-of video. The behind-the-scenes peek reveals a Philips Hue lighting system hiding underneath the puffy cloud layer of polyester fiberfill.

RPA also offers the code for download. Put it all together and you'll be able to watch social media storms for your favorite subjects (like your own Facebook page).

(Via PSFK)